A tradition of thought, developing from the deeps of Earth's antiquity; appearing, with variations, in both the oriental and the occidental hemispheres of human habitation and self-cultivation, and with varying degrees of ‘staticist’, 'Parmenidean' impairment, has come down to us under the name "dialectics". We find it potentially serviceable for the requisite breakthrough.

Sober consideration of the potential of this <<organon>> has been blocked, planetwide, for most of the 20th century. Early this century, Terran humanity cleaved against itself in a new way. A "1st World", the portion of that humanity first self-transitioned to the industrial capital-based 'meta-attractor' of human ‘‘‘meta-evolution’’’, engendered, and entered into protracted conflict with, a "2nd World". The latter comprised the portions of this humanity who recoiled against their social cannibalization by [what their recoil constituted as] that "1st World". The latter then reactively/transiently unveiled a dual, quasi-autarkic vs. proto-state-monopolized/nationalized­capital-competing-in-world-market meta-state of bureaucratic-nationalist politico-economic [mal-]praxis.

Locked for the last 80 years in this global battle, humanity could not clear-sightedly address the nature and utility of dialectical thought. One partial fruition of dialectics, the post- and contra-Hegelian school of Karl Marx and Frederick Engels, was central to the ideology of this conflict. We use the term "ideology" advisedly. The ruling plutocracies of both combatant parties only pretended to embrace, or to denounce, dialectics. What the Second Party upheld, and what the First Party rejected, was not the actual dialectical tradition. Two competing, plutocratic, deeply corrupt [with crucial individual exceptions], supra-national, extra-constitutional, oil/financial/espionage/secret-police/mafia/arms-cartel/drug-cartel bureaucracies -- two factions of a global 'dictatorship of petroleum' -- seized power, one more overtly; the other, more covertly, but each equally committed to the suppression of universal humanity, of global human social individuality, of human individual sovereignty, of global human prosperity, and of political-economic democracy. The "dialectical thought" about which they ‘ideologized’ was but a diverting camouflage for their competing but antagonistically-cooperative social parasitisms; a counterfeit within a facade.

It was the waxing democratic spirit of the greater people of the Earth, East and West, North and South, that brought this paralyzing impasse to a pause. Earth's people know the value of what they have gained [even if some of their present rulers do not know, or do not want them to know]. They will not trade the degree of democracy -- and of freedom of creative enterprise -- that they have attained, at such great price, for something less. And why should they? What they have gained is the achievement of the generations -­ generations of labor, discovery, building; of hardship, struggle, sacrifice, and death.  It has cost them the lives of countless heroines and heroes to make it this far.

At the same time, they know that all that they have gained is in growing jeopardy.

They know that the only way to sustain what they and their foremothers and forefathers have built, is to build, with it, something better. They will work for -- and hold out for -- something better than what they have -- for themselves, for their children, and for their children's children. . . something more, not less democratic; with greater justice, and greater opportunity, not less, for all. Bureaucratic dictatorship, government monopoly, whether in Hitler's version, or in Stalin's; or in that of a faceless, all-devouring "welfare state" [which winds up in 'state welfare'; "welfare" for the state bureaucracy and for its private patrons]; or in that of various attempted revivals of Medieval "fundamentalist" theocracies, with all of their endless bloody inquisitions -- all of these are hardly that something better. Nor is it "globalization" or "new world order" as the supranational dictatorship of the petroleum/- finance plutocracy, bought, in the society of universal prostitution, by the wholesale buying of governments -- legislature, executive, and judiciary; lock, stock, and barrel -- disguised as "free trade" and "free market, laissez-faire capitalism", with re-monopolization sold as "deregulation".  Need we even mention the catastrophic "benefits" of the latest crop of plutocracy-faction-sponsored, openly genocidal neo-Nazi experiments, foundered upon literally sub-human -- less than human -- ethnic distinctions and exclusivities?

That better future:  the people of Earth have read and have taken heed of what they have written in their own blood -- in this century, now passing, and in centuries past -- about what it is not. But what is it?

We believe that the time for a true and global consideration of the <<organon>> of dialectics has begun.

Sophya St. Germain                                         #                                                 Karl Seldon

                                                            25 November 1999