F.E.D. Press.

   A Dialectical “Theory of Everything” -- Meta-Genealogies of Our Universe and of Its Sub-Universes:
   -- A Graphical Manifesto. 

   by Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica.


  Volume 3.  The Historical Dialectic of Natural History as Total History, Edition 0. [ forthcoming ].

    Updated TABLE OF CONTENTS for Volume 3, Edition 0 [forthcoming].


  Volume 2.  Dialectical ‘Meta-Models’ of ‘The Human Phenome’, Edition 2. [ Published 11 Jul. 2016 ].

    Updated TABLE OF CONTENTS for Volume 2, Edition 3 [forthcoming].

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   Volume 1.  Geneses of the Seldonian Dialectical Arithmetics, Edition 0. [ forthcoming ].

    Updated TABLE OF CONTENTS for Volume 1, Edition 0 [forthcoming].


   Volume 0.  Foundations for a Unified Theory of Universal Dialectics, Edition 0. [ Published 10 Dec. 2010 ].

    Updated TABLE OF CONTENTS for Volume 0, Edition 1 [forthcoming].

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  A Dialectical "Theory of Everything" -- Meta-Genealogies of Our Universe and of Its Sub-Universes -- A Graphical Manifesto.

  Volume 0:  Foundations of a Unified Theory of Universal Dialectics [Edition 0 – Published 10 December 2010].

  This initial volume, Volume 0, sets forth the foundations of F.E.D.'s dialectical-mathematical "[meta-]model of everything".

   Synthesizing ancient themes of dialectic, <auto-kinesis>>, and 'self-refluxivity' ['karmicity'], with modern themes of logical and 
   set-theoretical paradox as "self-reflexivity", and of integrodifferential equation "nonlinearity" [also as "self-reflexivity"], 
   evoked via both occidental and oriental sources from antiquity, and via modern developments in natural/social science, 
   and in mathematics, this initial volume lays out foundations for a unified theory of universal dialectic.

  Foundations presented include a unified theory, by way of convergent immanent critiques, of the traditions of Platonian and Hegelian         
  dialectic, and the consequent discovery, for the first time in human history, of a rich and versatile 'mathematics of dialectic'. 

  This new 'mathematics of dialectic' is utilized to derive a seventeen-symbol equation, which [meta-]models, purely-qualitatively 
  [via ontological category symbols], the dialectical self-evolutions, and 'self-meta-evolutions', of our <<kosmos>> as the totality, 
  which also predicts the next major self-development of this <<kosmos>>, and which summarizes the dialectical "theory of everything"
  that gives this work its title.

  A dialectical, 'ideo-ontological' categorial progression of axioms-systems of generally 'qualo-quantitative', dialectical arithmetics, 
  are modeled, using the language of the second system in that progression, its first explicitly dialectical system, 
  starting from "Natural Numbers", or N, arithmetic, as purely-quantitative first system [implicitly, 'pre-vestigially' <<aufheben>>-dialectical   
  via its Peano successor-function]. 

  The second system is a 'purely-qualitative' [purely ontological], "non-standard model" of "standard" N arithmetic [i.e., the first four, "first  
  order" Peano Postulates hold for this system as well as for the N system], with a 'contra-Boolean' algebra, founded upon a hitherto-  
  unnoticed, strong negation of Boole's "Fundamental Law of [formal-logical] Thought".

  The third system of dialectical arithmetic in this systems-progression is a dialectical synthesis -- a "complex unity" -- of the second with  
  the first system, hence is a 'qualo-quantitative' arithmetic, combining the [ontological] ideogramic 'qualifiers' of the second arithmetic 
  with the [implicitly ontological, or metrical] quantifiers of the first, N arithmetic.
  This order of dialectical arithmetics progresses onward from there.

Volume 1:  Geneses of the Dialectical Arithmetics [forthcoming, from F.E.D. Press].

Volume 1 recounts the genesis of the new dialectical mathematics in detail.

Volume 2:  Dialectical 'Meta-Models' of the 'Human Phenome' [Edition 0 – Published 17 December 2015].

Volume 2 presents 'psychohistorical-dialectical meta-models' , expressed via the new dialectical arithmetics, 
which zoom-in on human-social constructions, including a 'meta-model' of the genesis of written language, 
a 'meta-model' of the historical development of ancient Mediterranean philosophy, 
and a 'meta-model' method of presentation for the "standard" arithmetics, 
starting from the N arithmetic as <<arche'>>.

Volume 3:  The Historical  Dialectic of Nature as Totality [forthcoming, from F.E.D. Press].

Volume 3 explores 'self-meta-evolutions' of human society, modeled via the new dialectical mathematics, 
as processes of later natural history, 
including those of the human-social relations, 
and of the human-social forces, 
of human-societal self-reproduction. 

It also addresses the parallel development of related human thought-modes, 
including an historical-dialectical mathematical 'meta-model' 
of ‘the dialectic of the dialectic itself', 
as well as detailing the development of the "Theory of Everything", 
"Dialectic of Nature Meta-Equation" 'meta-model' of the <<kosmos>> as a whole.


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